Dawn Lovelace, nurse practitioner and mi

Dawn Lovelace, nurse practitioner and midwife, is resigning from CMC.
I invite readers to comment for publication here.

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1 Response to Dawn Lovelace, nurse practitioner and mi

  1. Carol Schoning says:

    OMG NO, We can’t lose Dawn Lovelace, she is the rock of maternity and female care. She is too valuable for us to lose. Something needs to be done to stop this. I know Dawn would not resign without good reason, so get it fixed. There are also rumors of Dr. Castordale and Dr. Chaffee leaving as well. If any of them leave the doors to the new clinic and hospital may as well close. It seems that none of the staff are happy and the clinic is already losing patients and employees. The Administrator (I don’t even remember his name, nor have ever seen him) is ruining our area, get rid of him. People especially senior citizens are talking about moving if the clinic and hospital close, How can we allow one man to affect our area this negatively?
    I went to the walk in clinic one late afternoon last week and was the second patient of the day, this is way too sad, walk in use to be really busy.

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