From The Star: A view from the hospital

From The Star: A view from the hospital bed – So, I’m very glad I took out that MedStar membership. Took a ride last night. The good pros at Coulee Medical Center figured out why I was so weak and sent me to Sacred Heart ICU. Turns out I have multiple pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in lungs). Yes, that’s bad. A surgery or two is coming up, along with some lengthy recuperation. Life is what happens when you had other plans. So, although…


About Scott Hunter

Editor of The Star newspaper in Grand Coulee, observer of life, history, patterns in things that matter.
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3 Responses to From The Star: A view from the hospital

  1. Carol says:

    I bet our community is going to find out pretty quickly just how much

    I bet our community will find out pretty fast how much Scott Hunter will be missed, during his recuperation, not just at the Star, but his service to the community as well.
    Thankful that we have our hospital and Med star (and our subscription) because you just never know! One trip for a Grandson years ago was around $5000.
    So sad that you are suffering blood clots. Scary stuff. Welcome to the rat poison world!
    Will carry my camera, just in case I see anything useful.

    • Scott Hunter says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Carol.

      Scott Hunter

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      Work 509-633-1350 Cell 509-631-4841 Home 509-631-2414 @culestar

      • Carol says:

        Hi, how are you doing ? Hope they have those clots taken care of by now!
        Thinking about you and sending positive thoughts for a comfortable and not too boring recuperation.
        Will be missing your editorials and articles meanwhile.

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