From The Star: City: no daycare on Main

From The Star: City: no daycare on Main Street – Two local residents, Andrea Marconi and Angela Feeley, who appeared a few weeks ago before Grand Coulee’s city council to look into starting a daycare service on Main Street, met the same results again last Tuesday night. They were informed that it took the city two years to get its zoning ordinance in place, and the city wasn’t interested in changing it. The zoning code doesn’t allow a…


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Editor of The Star newspaper in Grand Coulee, observer of life, history, patterns in things that matter.
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1 Response to From The Star: City: no daycare on Main

  1. Have none of these council members ever looked for daycare in this area? Impossible! So most Children are cared for by unlicensed caregivers in their homes or relatives who don’t always WANT to do it. I would think in the interest of community needs, it would be a small issue to change the codes. While I’m writing we also have nothing for people working evenings or weekends there is a desperate need for that.

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