I’m no lawyer, but this reads to me lik

I’m no lawyer, but this reads to me like tribal F&W folks can’t cite non-members for fishing on Lake Roosevelt. True?: http://ow.ly/awnVg

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2 Responses to I’m no lawyer, but this reads to me lik

  1. grahamdefense says:

    Yes the Cassidy decision means that you need not have a Colville Fishing license for fishing on the waters because the Tribes gave up all “rights, title and interest” when the dam was put in and the land was purchase. By extension of this reasoning a person doesn’t have to have a Colville fishing license when fishing below the 1310 line on federal land adjacent to the lake. However, the Colvilles will attempt to argue that you consented to jurisdiction under provisions of the code if you arrived on the federal land when driving through any tribal roads. I haven’t seen this litigated in court. I learned a little bit about this when I represent the State in the case of State v. Michael J Boyd which discussed the land at the Rogers Bar campground in 2001.

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