Star Update: School district may sue USBR

Star Update: School district may sue USBR for school funds – David is going to take on Goliath, and it’s all about m…

No, I don’t think they’re crazy or stupid. I think they have no choices left. If the U.S. government can’t help fund local schools, then local schools will eventually die. They’ll fall down on the heads of the children whose parents run the Grand Coulee Dam.

The system for funding schools construction in this state is not up to the unique challenge presented here. We simply don’t have enough tax base to fund new school construction.

School district officials know that folks at the Bureau of Reclamation are not to blame. But they do need to be forced (not a reflection on them; that’s just the way the system is set up) to find a way to deal with the issue.

Forty years ago, when the joint district was formed from two separate districts, the then-new school board was discussing the need to replace the aging Lake Roosevelt High School. That building remains mostly unimproved. Something’s gotta give.



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