Game cancelled for discipline

Lake Roosevelt High School’s football game against Liberty Bell scheduled for Friday night has been cancelled for disciplinary reasons, district Athletic Director Rich Black said.

Black would not go into specifics but said LR team members had violated a team code. Minus those players, he said, the team wouldn’t have enough experienced players to play.

Black said he made the decision after consultation with coaches and staff.

“Our student athletes had basically violated their team code, or their ethics,” Black said, “and it seemed to me that there were some lessons to be learned.”

Black said he has fielded several calls from irate parents. He said even those who don’t agree with  his decision understand the importance of upholding important values in sports as in later life.

“Sometimes those lessons are best learned through a mistake,” he said.

A more complete story will follow.

What do you think? How does the importance of the final game of the year for several seniors on the team, as well as on Liberty Bell’s team, weigh against the need to instill moral or ethical lessons in the players?


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1 Response to Game cancelled for discipline

  1. Carol says:

    I have a Senior Grandson on the team and think I would be quite upset as he was not a part of the violation as far as I know (He was out with an injury after the 1st. quarter). He however would not have played this week due to his injury. Not having the details makes it hard to judge.
    It seems really unfair for those not involved to be punished, even if it was sure to be a tough game with inexperienced players. That being said however, there is also a safety factor to consider, if that was then I agree with the decision, if it wasn’t then I think the players involved should have been punished by sitting on the bench and watching the entire game (that would be pure agony for them).

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