Don’t think this won’t hit our schools and towns

Don’t think this won’t hit our schools and towns.
MT @secstatewa: Gov calls emergency budget session of Leg. 11/28 to deal with new $2b shortfall.

As we read and listen and watch in the months ahead, bear in mind that all that seemingly remote political arguing in the background, in Olympia and Washington D.C., are related to your life right here.

As politicians debate whether to stimulate the economy or allow The Market to take us through more painful medicine, don’t think that doesn’t affect you and your children. Your school’s teachers and other employees are affected. The guy who fixes your water lines is affected. The policeman who patrols your street, the court system workers, the highway plowers and pothole fixers, all are up against it.

Do we make things better by laying off more of them?


About Scott Hunter

Editor of The Star newspaper in Grand Coulee, observer of life, history, patterns in things that matter.
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