Rotary shred event happening now

The free shredding event sponsored by Rotary is happening until 1 pm today, unless the truck fills up first. The event started at 9 a.m., and the truck was already one third full by 9:30.

Scott Hunter

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1 Response to Rotary shred event happening now

  1. Scott Hunter says:

    We filled the truck by 11 a.m., record time, according to the truck’s crew.
    When the Rotary club committed to sponsoring the event, we had to promise to pay $500, which would be refunded if we filled the 10,000 pound payload of the tuck.
    That’s an awful lot of scrap paper,” everyone thought.
    Our apologies to the several folks who showed up after the truck was full, their pickups or cars loaded with boxes of papers. No one had any idea the need and response would be so great.

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