Using first attempt at Blogsy to review it

The iPad should be the ultimate blogging machine. Ultraportable, fun, accessible, so attached to the digital world.
Just one problem. Believe it or not, there really hasn’t been a good app for that.

Until now. This post represents my first trial of this Blogsy app I just bought. So far so good, but before I fall I n love with it, allow me a little space to rant, won’t you?

WordPress! What is wrong with you? You have the ultimate platform, which has evolved from a simple blog space for posts like this to a full-on content management system. And yet your iPad app completely sucks. I can’t even link in it, which means it can’t be used for, you know, blogging.

So far so good with this little app. Blogsy offers a sweet interface and the ability to write to whatever platform you like. Multiple WP accounts? No problem. Need to hookup your Flickr and Picasa accounts? Ok. Posterous? Blogger? All good. Tumblr? Oops. Looks like no support there yet.

Blogsy is not without bugs. It just crashed at the top of that last paragraph as I fumbled with unintended iPad taps. But even though I had just typed a few words, not one was lost when I relaunched the app.

Now to test out an image. Hmmm. Not sure what I’ve got on the iPad, so I’ll look for something else.
There, how’s that? Drug over from a Google search.

Now for the big publishing test. If you’re reading this, it worked, and I will likely use Blogsy for many more posts.


About Scott Hunter

Editor of The Star newspaper in Grand Coulee, observer of life, history, patterns in things that matter.
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