The Star – Online > News > Grand Coulee Dam Festival of America

The Star – Online > News > Grand Coulee Dam Festival of America.

Check out our special section on the festivities this weekend.

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1 Response to The Star – Online > News > Grand Coulee Dam Festival of America

  1. truman v. covington says:

    …the following ‘rose its ugly head’ in the CCT facebook tribal forum this day/Sunday 9/15/2013:

    COLVILLE CONFEDERATED TRIBES: …and the fight goes on…
    …differences between our CCT tribal council and the CCT ‘concerned membership, anti-council activists’ is escalating some more…at the hands of tribal council!!!…down and dirty.

    Just today through the moccasin trail (facebook – CCT forum) it has come out that the Law and Justice committee in addressing “troublemakers” to the council…are in the motions of coming up with a solution. Specifically, future dis-enrollment of those tribal membership who choose to participate publicly as being actively against our Colville Confederated Tribal Council: …troublemakers in open/closed fb forums against council stating any/all council as ‘un-fit’ to serve…exposing council as guilty to fiscal accountability, mis-use of federal funds, et. al ‘any’ words against council shall be disenrolled from the tribe after being arrested, questioned, charged, jailed, held w/o bail…until–w/o bail, judge arraigns/charges…to be held for ‘indeterminate periods of time to await trial for terrorism, threatening leadership ‘by simply asking for fair leadership’…”only because one disagrees with council IN PUBLIC…

    DISENROLLMENT: Our council’s solution to Colville tribal ‘troublemakers’….simply asking for justice, fairness…

    The person who ‘loosed’ this info to tribal membership today was emailed by council immediately and told: “Shut Up”….do not release this info to news media, BIA-Bureau of Indian Affairs; U.S. Dept. of Interior….

    Should you be further interested….tomorrow’s work-day….the Law and Justice Committee — who is doing this is headed up by councilman Jim Boyd. Work ph: 634-2219….tribal cell: 634-1540 or email:

    In our own dedication to our tribal peoples Joanne Sanchez, a memer of anti-council group ‘Colvilles for Justice’ facebook forum group and myself have responded to this council threat: “Bring it On”….and we are both heading to the medias, BIA, Dept of Interior as “council did not want”….

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