Park district gathering opinions with surveys

The Coulee Area Park and Recreation District is asking community members to take a brief survey to find out your thoughts on what you would like to see if a community center could be built in the Grand Coulee Dam area. The link is at the bottom of the article.

Just to get a brief glimpse of what’s possible, you could choose to watch the brief video clip below, which shows community members touring one of three community centers where they went to get ideas.

The group visited three centers: at Usk, Wash.; at Plummer, Idaho; and in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Seen here, however, is the Camas Center built by the Kalispel Tribe in Usk, Washington.

Ready to take the survey? Should take about five minutes.


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2 Responses to Park district gathering opinions with surveys

  1. Angela Meacham says:

    The new community center in Usk is amazing. It is in use constantly even though the community is small. The GCD area would benefit greatly from a community center. The building and running of the center would provide employment. Children would have a safe place to socialize and get exercise at the same time. Parents of young children would have opportunities to meet with other parents. When I was younger, my friends and I took every opportunity we could to spend time out at Nespelem’s community center. We mostly played basketball there, but would have enjoyed other activities as well. In my opinion, the GCD area would benefit greatly by having a community center built!

  2. Carol Schoning says:

    I believe that this area is and has been in need of a swimming facility, indoor-outdoor would serve us best. A community center would be nice and probably profitable as well. We do have a fitness center in town, so I would see that as a low priority item. I feel we have an extreme need for a Childcare facility, not just Daycare. Many, Many families in our area need evening and week-end care for their Children. If we are also looking a tourism, there is no where visitors can leave Children, for any adult time. We also desperately need a auditorium/theater. Somewhere that dance, drama and other cultural programs, plays and classes could be held.
    I selfishly don’t want to give up our semi-private area, to walk our pets and let them swim as well a being a very close to home swimming, picnic, fishing area, but my vote has always gone to Cresent Bay as by far the best location. It has public visibility, lots of room, for the present and future needs and plenty of room to have ample parking.
    I say “Get er Done”

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