The Start of Something New

Frustrated with our inability to quickly update our regular news site and link it up with modern social media such as Twitter and Facebook, today we’ve launched this news blog.

In the coming weeks, watch this site if you are interested in how it evolves, make comments and tell us what you like or don’t.

The look you see as of this post is not what it will become. This is just the standard layout for this particular web publishing platform. It will change drastically in the coming weeks.

Our hope is that folks will take this site to heart, and use it for the central spot of community conversations about the news we cover and about what we don’t (but perhaps should). Readers should take a significant role in guiding what happens here.

About Scott Hunter

Editor of The Star newspaper in Grand Coulee, observer of life, history, patterns in things that matter.
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7 Responses to The Start of Something New

  1. friendsgcl says:

    Something clean and lean. I like the direction and look forward to the build Scott.
    Bob Valen, via the Friends of the Library blog, a WordPress blog.

  2. RC says:

    In his youth, and toward the end of his journey, my Dad experienced long periods of isolation. His stories of packing supplies to remote camps and herding sheep on the Colville Rez went with him when he expired over five years ago. His experience is common among a few who are in their declining years and should be published as human interest accounts now. Santiago, who lives near the bottom of Manila Creek is such a person. He is known in the Keller community as “Sandy,” and is of Basque origin. He spends mny days isolated in his little hillside “shack.” His children live and work away so they visit infrequently. He welcomes visits from a handfull of friends who take the time to ensure his welfare..and who enjoy “talking story.” Other publications carry such stories..why not the Star?

    • Scott Hunter says:

      We sometimes do. Sounds interesting. How would I find him?

      • RC says:

        A good starting place would be the Keller Post Office; or Keller Senior mealsite, Any former, older local resident of the community. He is the only resident of Manila Creek. His full name is Santiago “Sandy” Arrieta, age about 79, companions: his dog and one sheep.

  3. RC says:

    Last month I bought and hauled 3 ton of fuel pellets from Omak. I bought my winter supply because the desk person advised that the business was closing permanently, in a few weeks. This, to my knowledge is the end of Colville tribal forest enterprises. At the time I shopped there were only two employees. I have not read or heard anything about this failed business which apparently was associated with Atlas Pellets of Hauser Lake. I am positive the Tribe will not disclose information about our manufacturing wasteland on the banks of the Okanogan river and the resultant bleakness ahead. This could be a worthwhile story.

    • Scott Hunter says:

      Long ago, I worked for the company that bought Pres-To-Log and made those pressed sawdust logs and pellets in competition with Atlas. Quality Jobbers actually financed the first shavings bins installed at Precision Pine in return for the business of hauling off the wood shavings to particle board plants. I had forgotten all about the pellet mill there.

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