10,000 Bathtubs per second


Scott Hunter

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Editor of The Star newspaper in Grand Coulee, observer of life, history, patterns in things that matter.
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1 Response to 10,000 Bathtubs per second

  1. Scott Hunter says:

    Picture that water as oil.

    Jim P. gave me the following factoid:
    60,000 cubic feet per second = 7.48052gal x 60000 = 448,831 gallons per second.

    Gulf Oil leak is now approx. 2 million gallons per Day or over 100 million gallons since the disaster started….

    100000000 / 448831 = 221 Seconds or less than 4 Minutes of water over the dam.
    or calculated by the day…

    2 Million Gallons per day oil leak… = 4.45 Seconds of water over GCD at 60000 cubic feet per sec.

    So by the time you count to 5… That is how much oil is leaked per day on avg… so far.

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