Looking for a Visitors’ Guide Cover Shot


This country is so beautiful, especially in the spring.

My dog and I went out to shoot some photos of Grand Coulee Dam for possible use on the cover of The Grand Coulee Dam Area Visitors’ Guide. Here she is in a shot I took of the dam far in the background with Lake Roosevelt stretching beyond that, amid the blooming wildflowers.

This shot was just taken with my iPhone. Can’t wait to see what I got with the Canon 50D.

When we got home, a nap was in order.

About Scott Hunter

Editor of The Star newspaper in Grand Coulee, observer of life, history, patterns in things that matter.
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1 Response to Looking for a Visitors’ Guide Cover Shot

  1. Scott Hunter says:

    Actually, I was nowhere near Keller when I posted this via iPhone. Two counties away in Douglas County, in fact. Such is digital life in the big city. The phone must have connected through a tower on a mountain over Keller, even though I was looking at Coulee Dam, where AT&T is close to non-existent.

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