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  1. Scott Hunter says:

    Above, Nespelem school teacher Sheri Edwards (my wife) attends and judges a worldwide debate event at 6:15 a.m. Dec. 17 from her room at the school.

    Edwards’ “avatar” sitting in the outdoor amphitheater on Second Life where the debate was held, sports purple hair and a little “hotter” outfit than Sheri would have liked (kids in Georgia augmented her original design), but she was one of a couple dozen educators from around the world who took part in the audience of the live event.

    Second Life is a virtual world online where people can do just about everything they do in the real world. Far-flung colleagues can meet and discuss from anywhere in the world.
    Sheri was also a judge, and actually devised the judging system used by the team that put this first-of-its kind “Eracism” event on.

    This was the culmination of two months of working with classrooms around the world with a team of teachers that only met online, and who got their middle school-age students to take part in the project, hosted from Doha in Qatar, where students hatched the whole idea.
    Edwards’ students nearly won the prior round by default when a team from China had not appeared to have posted their oral arguments online.

    The debates leading up to Thursday’s live event used another type of technology entirely, called VoiceThread. Students visit a site and post their own audio files of their arguments.
    The series of debates focused on the statement “Diversity makes us stronger.” Teams had to prepare arguments both for and against that proposition, learning and writing about the issue as they progressed.

    Edwards teaches writing to fifth through eighth graders and reading to eighth graders at the the P-8 school of 160 students on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington state, USA.

    The private Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia won the world championship.

    Nespelem School:
    Second Life:
    Westwood Schools:

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